Uganda Report

(*note: the charity is voluntary and we have no paid workers)

How Funds Were Used:

On Monday, 10th April 2017, a representative from BRACUK and Medical Aid Uganda travelled to Uganda to visit a refugee camp to provide food and other necessary requirements for the Sudanese refugees who had fled from the famine and war in the Sudan. Refugees walked many miles over many days some of whom were blind and aged, 90 years old, and many of them children. They had all witnessed horrific things on their journey, people being hacked down with machetes, one 11 year old boy, whilst hiding in the woods, witnessed his mother being killed in this way.
There are 37,000 refugees in this camp, of which 60% are children. They do not occupy tents. They live in makeshift houses made up of branches from trees held together with mud. The camp is divided into six sections which consist of an Elder in each section. The Elder is responsible for them.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) are responsible for delivering food. It is not always food that the refugees are used to eating, however they are no longer starving.
The six Elders identified 182 refugees who are most in need. Adrian, the representative for BRACUK, and Simon from Medical Aid Uganda met the refugees identified as most in need. They asked them what they wished to be given. The elderly said porridge because this is not available on the food programme. Some wanted sugar, powdered milk, sanitary towels, soap and mosquito nets. Adrian and Simon completed a 3 hour journey to obtain these provisions. On Good Friday these were distributed in the presence of our representatives.
Everyone was very happy, not only for what they received but for the fact that they had not been forgotten. Thank you Adrian and Simon for completing this successful journey.

Plans For The Future

All age groups of children are now receiving some education except for the 13-20 year olds. Because this group have no schooling or recreation, this is a concern to the Elders because the older boys talk about returning to the Sudan to fight.
BRACUK’s future intention is to provide facilities to enable them to learn skills such as woodwork, sewing, music, football, other sports and drama. Medical Aid Uganda are investigating the possibility of teachers who previously taught in the Sudan and currently in the refugee camp, to provide an education for these young people. It is BRACUK’s intention to facilitate this. It is also hoped that we could encourage young people from this country to consider going out there for short periods to train them in sport, music or whatever their speciality is. There is a college which is willing to provide six months intensive training for whatever subject the student wishes to study. The cost per student would be £475 in total. For this they will receive accommodation, three meals a day, medical cover, pocket money and the necessary intensive training for six months. We would have to justify this amount of funding for one person. Our wish would be that the student would agree to return to the camp and pass on their skills and training. Our hope would be to obtain enough funding to send 3 boys and 3 girls to the college in order to benefit from this training and pass it on to others in the camp.

It is BRACUK’s wish to help them to help themselves.
There are new camps being built for more refugees. If it is possible BRACUK would try to help with their initial urgent needs. Thank you all for supporting us in our first journey. It is a big programme for such a small organisation, but we have done it before and with your help we can do it again. Thank you.

For more information please contact me Joan Capp on 01229 718248