Current Appeal- Urgent appeal for displaced South Sudanese Refugees in Northern Uganda

“This is an urgent appeal from Bootle Refugee Aid Cumbria to help with raising funds for some foreign countries that we are currently trying our best to assist. Due to the current situation, raising funds is very difficult in fact almost impossible. Most organisations raise for causes within the UK which we undoubtedly fully support, BRACUK however are aware of other worrying and troubling situations further afield that simply often go unnoticed.

At present we are trying to support a large refugee camp in Nyumanzi, Uganda which holds 48,000 Sudanese refugees. We do this directly though one of the camp’s refugees Chol Akuoch using social media. Our aim is ‘to help them to help themselves’ and so have supplied them with educational and recreational resources where we encourage the younger ones with the opportunity to enjoy and learn from such activities and tools provided. We have also invested funds into agricultural tools and seeds etc to allow the older generations to cultivate their land within the camp for their own produce. Although we feel the camp’s individuals have and are continuing to benefit from our aid, there is still so much needed to be done.

As well helping in Uganda, we have also been working in a very remote village located near to Lake Victoria in Kenya, called Mathongo Village. Currently the villagers, a lot of which are very young small children, have to walk miles and miles to collect clean water. Through funds raised, a well building project has commenced in order to to provide the village with clean water on ‘the doorstep’. Unfortunately this has come to a very disappointing stand still due to running out of funds and the difficulty to raise more.

Our Chairman Joan Capp MBE, over the last 28years has completed over 50 visits to personally deliver aid to over 30 countries particularly Bosnia. For any further information on any of the fantastic work carried out up to now by Joan and BRACUK, please see the website and also the Facebook page.

We would also like to emphasise that we also stretch our aid as best we can to help the desperate and less fortunate out in Pakistan and this is done without any prejudice towards religion or ethical beliefs.

Now, more than ever, we urgently and desperately are asking for help and any donations, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated and put to a very appropriate use.”