(BRACUK) was founded in 1991 by Joan Capp, and registered as a charity on 24th August 1999, with the sole purpose of relieving civilian suffering in areas of either conflict or poverty primarily, but not exclusively, in Eastern Europe.


Based in the village of Bootle, Cumbria, we are simply a group of people who care about others. Founded during the conflicts of the Bosnian and Chechen wars, BRACUK now receives a great deal of support from the people of Cumbria as well as further afield. We are not affiliated to any other organisation and are non-political and non-religious in both our ethics and practical applications.


We are all familiar with pictures and stories of human suffering. Sadly these images have become almost routine; relegated to the inner pages of newspapers or used as TV and radio news ‘fillers’ – that’s assuming that they are reported at all!  We do not consider human suffering to be either routine or acceptable. Resources are allocated strictly according to specific needs at any given time.  Discrimination between sectors of the civilian population, regardless of political or religious divides, will never be acceptable to BRACUK, and our emphasis is on reducing need to a self-sustainable level, rather than providing superficial assistance.


Firstly, we must stress that BRACUK never knowingly wastes money on bureaucracy or manpower. All positions within the organisation are honorary and all donations, whether financial or otherwise, are used to directly benefit those in need. We donate medicines, medical equipment, (eg., baby incubators and other necessary life-saving equipment), food, blankets, shoes, clothing and school equipment. We also help Institutions, for example; old people’s homes, orphanages and hospitals. We arrange for items to be transported to wherever they are needed. However, rather than simply send them over for distribution, we try to ensure that a member of BRACUK accompanies each load and assists in the distribution. Because every journey costs in excess of £2,000, we need cash – for fuel, ferry fares, road taxes, insurance and necessary paperwork – and so we get involved in various fundraising activities.


Our current appeal is for an ambulance and a ship’s container, filled with essential baby supplies, to be Girl-and-Teddy-358x335dispatched to a Syrian refugee camp as soon as we possibly can.  Countless refugees, fleeing the civil war in Syria, are mothers with children and babies, and there is a great need for them to be given assistance.

We have located an ambulance, at a very preferential price, and are now appealing for money with which to both buy it and drive it directly to the refugee camp; together with essential baby supplies and money to pay for the associated shipping costs.   Questions, or support of any kind, would be greatly appreciated. 

If you wish to donate to BRACUK, please use the donations page or make cheques payable to:

‘Bootle Refugee Aid Cumbria UK’

and post to:

Mrs Joan Capp

Hycemoorside House

Bootle Station


LA19 5XG

01229 718248

Email:  adrianjwilson2014@aol.co.uk